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Scanning Frames Page

One of the first things many research groups look for is an ability to scan parts or materials.  Conventional water immersion scanning systems have been on the market for many years.  VN Instruments has taken a simpler approach.  We have fully integrated our SIA-7 with an off the shelf scanning system.  The result is a C-scan option at a fraction of the cost of a water immersion system. 

The particular vendor selected also has a wide range of scanning platforms that can be integrated with the SIA-7.  Scanning frames that fit on a desktop all the way to frames that fill a room.

The DaVinci3 scanning frame is connected directly to the SIA-7 through one of the two available serial ports located on the back of the SIA-7 unit.  The scanning frame is fully controlled by the SIA-7 and no additional hardware or software is necessary.  The SIA-7 software by default includes all the modules needed.

Transducers are mechanically scanned back and forth until a region of a test sample has been imaged.  The data is collected and displayed by the SIA-7.

Exporting to Windows™

The image data collected by the SIA-7 can easily be exported in a variety of formats.  VN Instruments offers MATLAB™ program to extract a range of image data from the SIA-7 files.


Maximum Linear Scan Speed: 5 inches/sec

Coverage Area: 10 inches by 12 inches

Larger scanning solutions are available



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