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Ultrasonics Applications and Solutions for Industry and Research




How does non-contact ultrasound work?

Non-contact ultrasonics is a fairly broad term that includes gas coupled transducers, air coupled transducers and laser ultrasonics.  VN Instruments Ltd specializes in air coupled ultrasonics although the equipment makes contact and immersion applications much simpler.

Does the SIA-7 do ultrasonic welding or cleaning?

The SIA-7 is designed to perform analysis of materials and parts using air coupled ultrasonics.  Although the unit does have 2 250 Watt power amplifiers, the nature of air coupled ultrasonics is such that the sound pressure levels through air are small enough that welding and cleaning applications generally don’t work.

Do you have any medical ultrasound applications?

In principle air coupled ultrasonics can be used for a variety of medical applications.  VN Instruments itself does not currently support any direct medical applications.  We have chosen to concentrate on industrial applications instead.

Is the SIA-7 a pulser-receiver?

The SIA-7 can emulate a pulser-receiver unit but it is much more capable.  The SIA-7 can perform Toneburst, Pulser-Receiver and Synthetic Impulse modes all under software control.

Where are you located?

VN Instruments Ltd is located in Eastern Ontario Canada between Montreal and Toronto. 

If I send a sample of the material we want to inspect will you scan it for us?

VN Instruments Ltd often performs inspections and scans of materials to allow potential clients to help understand our technology and how we can help solve a particular application.  Please contact our technical sales department to discuss the application.  We can often help determine if VN’s technology is a good fit and then move to the feasibility stage from there.

What kind of training do you offer?

VN Instruments can train technical staff to make the best possible use of our ultrasonics equipment.  We offer training programs ranging from simple introductory sessions to full week seminars.

What are the frequencies of your transducers?

VN Instruments makes a range of transducers from 50kHz up to several MHz.  These devices are broad bandwidth, stable and linear across a wide dynamic range.  They have been proven in both laboratory and on-line applications. 

Why would I need a “Remote Module”?

A Remote Module is a fully integrated pre-amplifier unit designed to get the most from ultrasonic transducers.  The module includes a bias supply voltage that is necessary for capacitive style transducers.  The module is controlled and operated directly from the SIA-7 console.  With Remote Modules in place, the actual transducers can be placed much further from the SIA-7 unit.

I purchased an NCA1000.  Is it the same as the SIA-7?

The SIA-7 is related to the NCA1000.  The SIA-7 is now several generations past the original NCA1000.  A number of new features have been added and the new SIA-7 units have a significantly improved dynamic range.  Contact VN Instruments for software and hardware upgrades.

What kinds of transducers can I use with the SIA-7?

The SIA-7 supports both piezoelectric and capacitive style transducers.  Using VN Instruments Ltd Remote Modules the two types of transducers can be used interchangeable and even at the same time.

How do I get a quote for your equipment?

We always recommend contacting our technical sales department to discuss potential applications.  We can often help determine if the application is feasible right over the phone.  Quotations are prepared upon request.

Do you offer educational institution discounts?

VN Instruments Ltd does offer educational institution discounts.  We encourage research groups and schools to work with our technology.  Why not work on materials and process rather than sorting out ultrasonics signal processing and electronics.





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