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Level Fill
Ultrasonics Applications and Solutions for Industry and Research



Gross Level Fill Detection of Aluminium Cans

Level Fill in Aluminium Cans Air coupled ultrasonics has been used to demonstrate a practical and reliable method of doing gross level fill in aluminium beverage cans.  The method can scan several thousand cans per minute and requires no harmful X-ray or gamma ray sources.

Mechanical Configuration

The SIA-7 is simple to install and easy to calibrate.  Two transducers are mounted on either side of the production line shown in Figure 1.

The height of the transducers is adjusted below the production fill level shown in Figure 2.  The flexibility of the instrumentation means fill status can be monitored anywhere on the production line.  As each can passes between the transducers the system indicates if the can is empty or full using a logic output.  The signal is then read by a PLC or external controller that initiates the process of removing the empty can.


The SIA-7 measures accurately to speeds of 1200 cans per minute.  Results are not affected by agitation caused by the on-line process.  The SIA-7 produces two logic outputs to identify the state of each can.  One logic output triggers every time a can passes between the transducers and the other outputs a full or empty condition.




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