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Ultrasonics Applications and Solutions for Industry and Research


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Products and Services

VN Instruments offers a range of products and optional equipment.  We can provide solutions that fit your applications.  OEM integrators often just need a single channel SIA-7.  Research labs have purchased an entire ultrasonics lab including SIA-7, scanning frame and an entire suite of transducers.  We welcome inquiries regarding potential applications and can often specify the optimal hardware and software over the phone.

SIA-7 (-1E, -2E) – A self contained ultrasonics analysis system.  All aspects of the signal generation, transmission, reception and analysis are done using the SIA-7’s sophisticated and patented signal processing system.

Remote Modules  – These high performance low noise preamplifiers are fully integrated with our SIA-7 system.  Remote Modules add performance and flexibility to any set of transducers.  The Remote Modules work equally well with both capacitive and piezoelectric transducers.

Capacitive Transducers – VN Instruments has developed its own line of transducers.  These devices are well suited to industrial and research environments.  They offer superior bandwidth and very good sensitivity and stability over time.  The devices function well under a range of conditions and can be cleaned with conventional solvents.

We offer devices with bandwidths as low as 60% and as high as 200%.  Our standard devices operate in frequency bands around 60kHz, 120kHz, 350kHz and 1MHz.  We can also make transducers to customer specifications.  Contact our technical sales department for details.

Scanning Frames – One of the first things many research groups look for is an ability to scan parts or materials.  We have fully integrated our SIA-7 with an off the shelf scanning system.  The result is a C-scan option at a fraction of the cost of a water immersion system.

The scanning frame is built by a vendor who also makes a wide range of robotic equipment that use the same interface.  We can easily tailor applications if the standard system doesn’t cover enough area.  We can provide scanning frames that fit on a desktop all the way to frames that fill a room.

Tomography System – VN Instruments is proud to announce a new system designed to create Tomography images using air coupled ultrasonics.  The system consists of a scanning frame, SIA-7 and a Windows based PC.

Transducer Characterization System – This is a small self contained system based on a USB interface.  The unit is designed to characterize contact transducers at frequencies up to 20MHz.

Omni Directional Ultrasonic Receivers – These devices are suitable for tracking and locating test objects in a volume of space.

Custom Hardware – Not found what you’re looking for?  Contact us for custom projects.  VN Instruments has taken on numerous projects to create specific hardware and software to solve ultrasonics applications.


Ultrasonic Simulation Module – VN Instruments has created a powerful simulation tool designed to help ‘see’ how an ultrasonic system is performing.  Ever wondered what the sound field is doing at a distance?  How about in the near field?  The VN simulation software can accurately render almost any geometry or sound source.

Custom Software – Creating a custom application can be as easy as a phone call.  We’ve developed application software to integrate ultrasonic measurements with external systems.  Call us for details.


Applications Development – Depending on the scope of the application, VN Instruments can provide consulting services to assist in developing ultrasonics applications.

Transducer Characterizations – We can provide an independent characterization of a transducer.  The characterization includes the one-way voltage gain as well as accurate measurements of the transducer’s frequency and bandwidth.

Feasibility Studies – Before purchasing equipment, many clients have us perform basic feasibility studies on a set of samples.  This provides a low cost way to assess VN’s core technology.

Training – We always provide support for our products but sometimes a dedicated training course helps bring technicians up to speed much faster than a users manual and trial and error.  We can provide training courses tailored to the client’s needs.



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